YouTube Black Event & Success on YouTube Top Tips

Last week I was invited to the YouTube Black event at the YouTube Space in London, which was held in partnership with the MOBO Awards. There were many successful YouTubers there discussing their journeys to success and top tips; including KSI, HarveyDon TV, Gabriel Sey, Breeny Lee and Empress Asarai from The Wall Comedy. Below I’ve listed 6 of my key take away points to help you grow on YouTube. I also vlogged the whole thing if you want to see how it all went down, video below.

Top YouTubers Tips:


1. Consistency is Key

Engaging content is readily available on a variety of mediums and on many platforms. What do you turn to for entertainment? I switch between:

The Television; Radio; Live entertainment; New Media; Netflix; Amazon Prime; Sky; Now TV; YouTube; Vimeo; Twitter; Snapchat; Twitter; Instagram; Facebook; Pineterest; Blogs; To name a few…

Each of these are engaging and enticing in their own right. That is why you must deliver quality content consistently and frequently. This will allow you to remain relevant, memorable and foster continued growth.

2. No Need to Feel Lonely

Being a content creator is a new age career which many people cannot relate to. When taken seriously carving out the time to create, can often be a one man mission. You may have to wear many hats in one sitting including Writer, Director, Performer, Presenter, Videographer, Editor, Marketer and so on. However, it doesn’t all have to fall on your shoulders. By including friends who can add to the needed skill set, you may benefit from inviting others into your team who are more experienced in one of those particular areas. You’ll also get to hang out with your friends more. Win win!

3. Take a Break

Is it all becoming a bit much? Do you feel as if you’ve hit a creative block? It happens, take a break. Your supporters will understand and appreciate you more for returning loaded with awesome content ideas. Taking a step away from a continuous routine can give your mind a much needed break which is where creativity is often reclaimed.

4. Be Original

Put those blinkers on! Focus on what you have to offer and who you are. Do not look at others and try to become them based upon their noticeable success. There is only one you and that is your USP (unique selling point). You can never be a better version of someone else. Don’t get lost in the noise. Stay true to who you are and what you have to offer.

5. Perseverance

Don’t give up. If you love what you do stick with it through the highs and the lows. Continued effort will pay off. As Einstein said, “You never fail until you stop trying“.

6. Add Value

Giving is a wonderful thing. Think of what you are providing for your supporters. Do you teach, provide inspiration or maybe you entertain? Always try to add value where possible.

That’s a wrap! Check out the Vlog from The YouTube Black event below:

I hope you found these tips useful. What other practices do you think are crucial towards making head way on YouTube? X

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