How to Sit on the Pole – Beginners Tutorial Break Down

Hi my Loves! I’m taking part in Vlogmas this year which is a period when YouTubers post EVERYDAY in the lead up to Christmas. This is my second video so far for Vlogmas, Day 2.

Learn how to sit on the pole with this structured video break down. This is a fundamental move to learn for all styles of pole dance and pole fitness. I’ve also listed the names of each step below which are explained in the video.

Pole Sit x6 Steps to Mastery

(These are my own descriptive names for each step which I found helped me a lot when practising)
Phase 1
1. Ugly foot
2. No foot
3. No hands

Phase 2
4. Ugly foot
5. Crab legs
6. Straight legs

[CLICK the play button below]

Do you enter this move in the same sort of way or do you use a different variation / entry method?

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