Netflix Cast Acting Workshop – Industry Tips

Hey! I attended a 3 hour acting workshop hosted by The Reel Scene over the weekend, led by Manpreet Bambra and David Schaal. You can watch the footage from the day in the video below. I’ve also listed some of the tips for actors which stood out.

Leave Good Vibes Behind You

If you decide that you want to move on from your acting agent and align yourself with an agency which you feel is more flitting, that’s fine. As we progress and change sometimes a move is needed and justified. However, it is important that you handle the termination of your relationship with your current agent in a polite and professional manner. You never know who knows who and in what circumstances you may come across them again..

“The toes you are stepping on today may be connected to the arse you are kissing tomorrow” – as David Schaal put it.

Consider Flexibility

Fail to plan plan to fail, we’ve all heard that one before. We often have a rigid fixed plan to achieve our goals which we work tirelessly towards. If something is presented to you which was not drafted into the grand plan it may prove very tempting to cast it aside. Manpreet advises maintaining a bit of flexibility. As you never know where a role you didn’t plan for or even really want could actually take you.

Passion Over Money

The life of the rich and famous appears to go hand in hand with actors and celebrities. The hard graft that goes into reaching that point is rarely shown. It would be unwise to pursue an acting career solely for the money or the perceived lifestyle. You need to have a passion for it, as it is a very competitive industry, it requires hard work and long filming days.

Network Network Network

Unfair as it may seem, in some instances it’s not what you know it’s who you know that may land you the job. This industry is largely about connections. Networking is very important. Get friendly and familiar.

Investigate Castings

This lucrative business has casting networks popping up all over the internet hoping to secure a slice of the pie. (Naming none in particular) many of these casting network sites prerequisites to post a job do not require any qualifications or even proof of a sound mind. Almost anyone can post a job which leaves it in your department to do your research! If it looks too good to be true it may just be. Research and ask the necessary questions before you commit. Stay safe.

Saturdays workshop was very informative. We also looked at Comic under cutting, building your character gradually through scene and movement and the Magic If.

[CLICK the play button below]

What advice do you have for actors trying to get ahead?

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