Introduce a Student Today & Earn a Cash Bonus

Receive extra rewards for spreading the word. Do you know more Queens who would like to join us in feeling good and looking great? Introduce them to The Lanaiya Lithe Academy and you will receive a cash bonus, It’s that simple! Read all of the below first before you get started.

Patron Referral Program Terms & Conditions

How does it work?

LLA Teachers are invited to join the Referral Program, exclusive to LLA Teachers and Community Members. Through which they are able to refer new Members to join the Patreon Community and gain access to all of the wonders inside.

  • For each person who successfully completes all steps listed on the public Referral Program page (link also at the bottom of this page), the Referee will receive a £5 one off payment per person
  • The £5 cash bonus will be received by the Referee only, not the new member signing up
  • Each Teachers referral code will be their name i.e. Amanda Johnson. This is how the person who needs to be paid will be identified
  • Payments are made on 6th of each month for the preceding month i.e. all referrals submitted between 1st January – 31st January will be paid on 6th February
  • Teachers are paid via the same method chosen for their invoices
  • New members (those who have been referred), must join and remain in the Patreon for one billing cycle (one month), without cancelling or requesting a refund in order for their Referee to be rewarded
  • Referral rewards will be removed for Teachers who attempt to refer themselves
  • It is not permitted during any live class to announce your referral code to new participants
  • There’s no limit to the amount of people you can introduce🙌

Some examples of people you may refer:

  • Your friends
  • Your family
  • Anyone you’ve talked to that you think would benefit from joining the Patreon Community
  • Friends on your Facebook or in your Meetup groups


Any abuse of this Referral Program is a breach of our terms of use. Action may be taken against the account as described in the terms. Any bonuses added to an account may be removed as a result of the abuse.

Changes and Termination

The right to make changes to this referral program is reserved, together with the referral rate, and these rules at any time. We may also terminate this referral program or any user’s participation in the program at any time.

These rules are part of the terms of use. To participate in the Referral Program you must agree to these rules.

Start Referring Today

You’re all set to go! Below you’ll find the link that you should give to anyone who you would like to refer. All information they will need is outlined on the Referral Program page. You do not need to share the link to this page you are currently on, this page is just for your information.

Share your invite link (Copy the link below to share):

[All of the necessary steps are outlined on the Referral Program page for anyone being referred]

Happy Referring!