Prehab Stretching

I’ve shifted stretching after a workout or dance session to a mandatory task, rather than an optional one. I was reluctant initially but the habit is starting to form and my attitude towards it is changing. Hallelujah! I try to do at least 30 minutes worth each time. Check out today’s stretch video below.

Leggings & Athletic Tri Bra from Roxy.

Roxy leggings and bra Lanaiya

Netflix Cast Acting Workshop – Industry Tips

Hey! I attended a 3 hour acting workshop hosted by The Reel Scene over the weekend, led by Manpreet Bambra and David Schaal. You can watch the footage from the day in the video below. I’ve also listed some of the tips for actors which stood out.

Leave Good Vibes Behind You

If you decide that you want to move on from your acting agent and align yourself with an agency which you feel is more flitting, that’s fine. As we progress and change sometimes a move is needed and justified. However, it is important that you handle the termination of your relationship with your current agent in a polite and professional manner. You never know who knows who and in what circumstances you may come across them again..

“The toes you are stepping on today may be connected to the arse you are kissing tomorrow” – as David Schaal put it.

How to Sit on the Pole – Beginners Tutorial Break Down

Hi my Loves! I’m taking part in Vlogmas this year which is a period when YouTubers post EVERYDAY in the lead up to Christmas. This is my second video so far for Vlogmas, Day 2.

Learn how to sit on the pole with this structured video break down. This is a fundamental move to learn for all styles of pole dance and pole fitness. I’ve also listed the names of each step below which are explained in the video.