Take Your Fitness Outside: Park Workout

The warm weather in London is finally starting to show some consistency so why not head outside to the park? Give this a go, 45 seconds of each exercise, x4 rounds:

Sunflower Summer

These shorts are so comfortable! I bought them for pole dance training to add a bit of colour to my collection. The waist band is extra wide and sits perfectly like a comfy cushion. The top is cropped and the shorts are semi high waisted.  A perfect vibrant colour for summer, check out what I managed to create on the pole whilst wearing this set below.

Lanaiya Missguided American Idol Slogan T-Shirt

Stop Making these Bikini Wax Mistakes: Bikini Wax Tips 101

I’m spilling the tea on the Dos and Don’ts when it comes to getting a bikini wax. As a pole dancer we often need to wear short shorts to achieve certain moves. Making sure the ‘female areas’ are well groomed is important lol.

I’ve listed 9 tried and proved tips below. Also watch the video to see what you’re in for x

Waxing Tips

  1. Find a Beautician you trust
  2. Wear loose comfortable underwear
  3. Gently exfoliate a day or two before waxing
  4. Opt for Hot Wax over Strip Wax
  5. Take a cool shower before going out (do not use hot water)
  6. Book regular routine appointments, (roughly 4-5 weeks)
  7. Take a pain killer beforehand if needed
  8. Find your style, there are many different bikini shapes you can choose
  9. Don’t forget to breathe!

Green Machine Detox Smoothie

This green blend of goodness was well and truly needed. After a holiday plus many lunches and evening engagements, my healthy smoothie routine has suffered some neglect. The Detox Kitchen sorted me out today though. Transform your health, mind and body with this nutritious blend.

Detox Kitchen Kingly Street Green Smoothie Lanaiya Lithe

Green Machine Smoothie Ingredients