Green Machine Detox Smoothie

This green blend of goodness was well and truly needed. After a holiday plus many lunches and evening engagements, my healthy smoothie routine has suffered some neglect. The Detox Kitchen sorted me out today though. Transform your health, mind and body with this nutritious blend.

Detox Kitchen Kingly Street Green Smoothie Lanaiya Lithe

Green Machine Smoothie Ingredients

Carnival Sankofa Renissance

One of my favourite times of the year is Carnivalllll! Notting Hill Carnival is in 12 weeks and Ebony Mas are serving green envy in this Renaissance line. This is the beautiful Frontline Cage Bra costume. I have tried and tested it, (see the video below). Trust me, you can enjoy yourself and dance to the fullest feeling quite secure that all of the ‘goodies’ will remain covered lol. Loads of looks below x

ebony renaissance sankofa notting hill carnival 2019 lanaiya lithe

Encourage Yourself! Quote + Uplifting Song

What ever you need to achieve today, encourage yourself to get it done. Speak kindly and positively in your own ear. Believe it can be done, see it in your mind and so it shall be. I’ve included a beautiful song below that puts this message into tune x

Positive Minds Quote

Sunshine Smoothie Mango, Cashews & Banana

Add some sunshine to your day with this taste of paradise. The prefect blend of creamy textures and sweet flavours, give this tropical mix a go. Recipe and video below.

Banana Mango Cashew Nut Smoothie Lanaiya Lithe


Mango (preferably frozen pieces)
x1 Banana
Handful of cashew nuts (optional, soak for 2 hours for easier digestion and easier blending)
½ cup of dairy free milk (I used Koko)
Teaspoon of Coconut Flakes