Encourage Yourself! Quote + Uplifting Song

What ever you need to achieve today, encourage yourself to get it done. Speak kindly and positively in your own ear. Believe it can be done, see it in your mind and so it shall be. I’ve included a beautiful song below that puts this message into tune x

Positive Minds Quote

Sunshine Smoothie Mango, Cashews & Banana

Add some sunshine to your day with this taste of paradise. The prefect blend of creamy textures and sweet flavours, give this tropical mix a go. Recipe and video below.

Banana Mango Cashew Nut Smoothie Lanaiya Lithe


Mango (preferably frozen pieces)
x1 Banana
Handful of cashew nuts (optional, soak for 2 hours for easier digestion and easier blending)
½ cup of dairy free milk (I used Koko)
Teaspoon of Coconut Flakes

Pole Conditioning Exercises + Videos

Pole conditioning can sometimes feel like a bummer, you charge at it and then once you’re done your body feels finished! This can make it a bit off putting at times, BUT it’s a necessity for your pole journey and growth. Develop a good relationship with these exercises for they will help determine how far you go. Below I’ve included videos of my pole conditioning work outs and listed the exercises. Go get em!

// Pole Conditioning Workout #1