New Year Essentials – Get Your Ish Together!

I’m sitting here shaking my head still trying to work out where 2017 went. The beginning of last year progressed at a regular pace but the rest is a blur. I somehow missed summer and autumn only to be abruptly faced with winter.

Organisation Essentials Get Your Ish Together Lanaiya Lithe

Not 2018, uh uh! This year will not pass me by at lightning speed because this year I am ready and equipped. WHsmith sorted me right out.

With my Ultra-Organisational Kit birthdays will no longer spring up on me, ‘adult’ dates such as insurance renewals, TV license bills and the monthly gardener visits will not take me by surprise and leave me feeling flustered.

Ultra-Organisational Kit Top 3 Recommendations

1. Wall Calendar

Invest in a wall calendar which will allow you to glance at the entire year without having to flick through pages. One of the best things about a wall calendar is being able to visualise the time you have to achieve your goals, i.e. if you have a deadline in March which may need prior preparation using the calendar you’ll be able to see the target date approaching and act accordingly. This provides a complete 365 day view and allows you to put everything into perspective.

Organisation Essentials Get Your Ish Together Lanaiya Lithe2. Diary

Your diary is your go to for daily tasks and to-do lists. Many people opt to use a phone calendar or diary app to keep on top of their agendas but I prefer a physical Filofax. A5 size works well as it is big enough to write a decent amount on each page but not too big that it will not fit inside of most everyday handbags.

3. Notebook

Quite often creative juices start to flow randomly and you may find that you desperately need a pen and paper, (often this happens when in the shower but we won’t go there). Rather than having lots of pieces of scrap paper lying around a dedicated notebook works well to record all ‘light-bulb’ moment ideas and exciting thoughts.

Filling in your diary and wall calendar in the first instance with important dates such as birthdays, payments, appointments, targets etc may take a while but it’s worth it. Be sure to look at your diary and calendar daily to make sure you haven’t missed anything and cross off each day as you go along.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Let’s stay ahead!

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