Fireman Spin Pole Dance Tutorial – 2 Methods to Perfect it ! [Beginners]

Heyy my lovelies, today I broke down the Pole Dance Fireman spin into bite-size steps, so that we can all learn it and be great together. Yay!

How to Ace the Pole Dance Fireman Spin In 9 steps – Plus Video Tutorial

  1. Warm up
  2. Stand upright beside the pole
  3. Extend your right arm up high and take a hold of the pole so that your fingertips meet your thumb
  4. Extend your left arm across your chest and take a hold of the pole at that level, fingertips to thumb
  5. Place your left foot against the pole from the front of it, with your Achilles heel pressing into the pole
  6. Keep your left foot hugged tight against the pole as you push off of the floor with your right foot
  7. Your left foot will stay against the pole, but it will move around the pole as the front of your right foot comes up behind the pole parallel to your left foot
  8. Your hands will slide around the pole and downwards, your feet will glide around the pole and downwards as you spin
  9. Once your toes come in contact with the floor place your weight on the balls of your feet and keep turning on the spot to then stand up slowly coming out of the move

Or you can just watch the video here 😉

I hope you found the tutorial useful. Let me know how you got on X

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